iQstor develops and markets high performance, intelligent, reliable and affordable storage systems with embedded storage service features. iQstor’s storage systems combine enterprise-level service features such as storage virtualization, snapshot, mirroring, remote replication, storage provisioning and automated capacity growth with fully redundant components to deliver storage scalability, data protection, storage automation and management simplicity.

A word about web hosting

When talking about storage systems, it’s hard to avoid the topic of web hosting and how it differs from secure file storage services.

looking at web hosting providers

While file storage services focus on keeping company files secure on the cloud using multiple layers of protection to ensure no data is ever lost, web hosting is mainly used to host a site’s files. So if you’re actually looking to host a website, you need to be looking at web hosting.

Luckily, there quite a few good web host reviewers out there and specialise in comparing web hosting services. For Canada for example, this review page on Hosting Foundry does a great job.